Paint Stripping

Paint Stripping Service In Whangarei

Everyone knows that the simplest way to bring life to a dull surface is to put on a fresh coat of paint.  However, new paint becomes old paint. So, if your interior paint starts cracking or blistering, it could be a sign that you need a repainting service. The ideal way to start over is to strip old paint and ensure old stuff disappear before putting on a new fresh coat. This helps smoothen the surface and prevent lumping in the future.

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​High-Quality Paint Stripping

We provide a tailored approach for paint stripping jobs. We understand that surfaces and coatings vary widely and each project needs a personalised touch to ensure successful results. Some projects will require a chemical stripper, others a heavy sanding specialist, and some special protective wear. Our staff is specially trained to remove all types of paint, including lead-based paint.  Our painting professionals have taken professional training for easy paint stripping projects. We also have the right paint stripping tools to ensure safety in your home while we do the job. 

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Signs that Your Home Needs Repainting

Damage To Your Walls

The paint on your wall can flake or crack because of wear and tear. Whether it is your hallway or your kid’s room, scuff marks, nail holes, and scratches are going to happen. If you notice damage and scuff marks, you should address the issue right away.

The Paint is Flaking Off

Is the paint of your wall flaking? Then it’s time to have your walls repainted. Peeling, cracking, and flaking are signs that your wall needs to be repainted. Keep in mind that rooms that are exposed to high amounts of humidity will need protective coats to keep it from peeling off. Without immediate attention, your wall can be damaged completely. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us today.

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