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Roof Painting In Whangarei Northland

Roof painting is probably one of the most difficult jobs. It requires highly skilled and experienced roof painters to tackle the difficulties above. Thankfully, we specialise in roof painting Whangarei. As with all our work, the most crucial part of the job is the preparation stage. We don’t just apply paint right away. We diagnose roofing issues and prepare your roof for painting. 

What makes us unique? We paint all surfaces with Dulux & Resene manufacturer’s guidelines. This is the best paint in New Zealand. And together with experts’ hand, we are confident that we can give you the best roof painting job in the area.

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Our workmanship

We have the highest standard of workmanship. We use popular brands products to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Before we take on a project, we will first discuss your specialized requirements in order for us to properly move forward. 

Maintaining the Standards in your home

We may need to move furniture as we perform our job. Regardless, we ensure that our team will take care of the aftercare. We promise to maintain the standard of your home and work with zero tolerance for damages arising from negligence.​

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How to Engage

You can trust us to deliver top-notch painting services in Whangarei. We believe communication is at the core of customer satisfaction. That is why we ensure that everything is communicated beforehand. You discuss and we listen. If necessary, we can give recommendations that are proper in a given circumstance. Here is how to engage with us:

  • Contact us to discuss the details of the project. Depending on the complexities of your requirements, we will give you a written estimate with a detailed description of the work we propose. 
  • Once the proposal is accepted, you will hear from us to select colors and schedule work dates. 
  • An estimator will visit your location for an ocular inspection and for final checking of the project. This will help us ensure that everything is being done the way you want it, promptly and as planned.
  • Once the job is done, we’ll give you a tour of the final output. We will gladly receive any feedback from you.