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Professional Pool Painters In Whangarei, Northland

Have you ever wondered why some pools are bluer compared with others? The key is the paintwork. We specialize in swimming pool paint for concrete pools.  We paint all types of pools regardless of their size, type, and design. Our painting team has served Whangarei areas for many years. 

Compared with other contracting companies, we will prepare your pool thoroughly. We only use quality Altex epoxy paint since this is the best paint in New Zealand for pools. We can help you choose from a wide selection of colours. Every swimming pool design has a unique requirement for longevity and aesthetics, and our pool experts will help you choose the best materials, paintings, style, and design for your pool. We ensure that our work is not only beautiful but also high-quality.  Talk to our painting professionals today.

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Interior Pool Finishes

Plaster is a popular interior surface for concrete swimming pools.  It’s smooth and dense. For this, we need hard-trowel technique to improve water retention capabilities. Not all companies are able to execute this technique well. You need to trust your work to someone with years of experience in pool plastering.
Epoxy Paint
Another popular option for pool finishes is epoxy painting. It is one of the most common interior surfaces for commercial pools. It has a service life of 5-7 years which make it a smart option for those who are in pool business. 
Chlorinated Rubber
Also known as synthetic rubber, chlorinated paints have the same quality and durability with epoxy paints. However, if you choose this finish, you need someone who is experienced with pool painting. While chlorinated rubber and epoxy paint have very similar characteristics, they don’t mix well. Problems occur when you paint it on pool that is previously painted with epoxy paint.
Whether you own a commercial or residential pool, we’ve got you covered. Our pool painters have many years of experience in commercial and residential pool painting. We pride ourselves with a solid work of ethic and highly passionate workers who can cater to your needs.  Feel free to contact us today.

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